I'd like to take this opportunity to thank several people who have helped me with "The Family Trees".  I'd especially like to thank my Aunt Di, who has passed on to me her notes, documents and findings from her years of research. 
I'd also like to thank our long lost cousins June Rathbone and Julianna Mulhall, who have given me details of Sarah Elizabeth Davis (their Great Grandmother and Charles' sister) and their Family Tree and Stanley Higham, who has given me details of Emma Davis (his Great Grandmother and Charles' sister) and his Family Tree.  Last but not least, I'd like to thank Lois, Lee, Joan, Jan and Carol (The Hurst Family), Frank Cardiff (The Risby Family), Henrietta (The Crisp Family) and Carlene and Kathy (The Semple Family) ~ who are helping me solve the 'Mystery of Eliza Davis'~ see below. 
           A very big thankyou to everyone !!

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     The Family Trees  
"Descendants of Charles Davis" chart

The Davis Family Tree ~ 1,000+ individuals

The Davis/Semple Tree ~ I have included these details in order to prove or disprove the theory that Eliza Semple nee Davis who married in Hobart, Tasmania in 1865 a Thomas Leckie Crichton Semple, was in fact Charles Davis Snr's younger sister.

The Hurst Family Tree ~ Charles' first wife Emma Hurst's Family

The Gunn Family ~ Douglas Burbury's Website ~ to view ~ click on the link "The Gunn Family" ~ go to "Family Trees" ~ click the search database by surname link ~ click on "Gunn"
~ Many thanks Douglas !
Genealogy Pages of Ian Lawless ~ includes more of the Richardson Family as named in the Davis/Semple Tree
~ Many thanks Ian !
Joan Davis' Hurst Page ~ Includes information on William Hurst and related families
~ Many thanks Joan !
June Reed's Hurst Page ~ Includes links to Hurst researchers all over the world
~ Many thanks June !
Brian Hurst's Family Page ~ Includes details of related Hurst families
~ Many thanks Brian !

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