My name is Lisa Davis
                            and I'd like to welcome you to my WebSite,
                                         "Lisa's Genealogy Pages".
                   My interest in Genealogy began in October, 2000 after an M.S. attack left me barely able to walk for several months.  One day whilst on the internet, I performed a search on "Charles Davis" and scrolling through the results I found pages and pages of Genealogy.  It was on this day that I, like many others before me, began my "Journey Back in Time".  I have found the experience to be extremely fulfilling and the story of my GG-Grandfather, Charles Davis and his achievements can only be described as inspirational.  Incredible is the fact that after such a short time, this journey has already led to the discovery of long lost cousins and other family members who nine months ago were unknown to me.  After visiting many wonderful genealogy pages created by people all over the world; proud of their family history and heritage, I decided to create "Lisa's Genealogy Pages" for similar reasons.  My aim is to record what I discover on my journey for future generations of the DAVIS family, so they too can learn about their family's origins and history.  The music playing is my favourite Hymn, "I Vow to Thee My Country" and has been placed on this page as a tribute to all those who are no longer with us ~ if you can't hear the music you can click here. (As sung by the choir at Westminster Abbey ~ recorded at Princess Diana's Funeral)  Enjoy your visit and best wishes,Lisa Davis   *The music controls are at the bottom of each page.
UPDATE** My MS has worsened over the years and life has changed..I divorced and have a fulfilling life with my partner and as facilitator of two MS Peer
Support groups
If you find someone you recognise or have any additions or corrections ~ please let me know !!
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I'll leave you to it now, but first a thought...

      "Humankind has not woven the web of life.
              We are but one thread within it.
  Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves;
  all things are bound together all things connect".

                        Chief Seattle

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