~Charles Davis' Elizabeth Street store, taken after he took over the shop next door, beside the Albion Hotel
~Charles Davis, 1901.  A group of family and friends stand on the balcony over the shop to watch a military procession in Elizabeth Street.
~Charles Davis Limited, Elizabeth Street, early 1900s
~The new store in all its glory, Elizabeth Street, 1920

~The 1947 Board of Directors
~Tasmania's first escalator.  Mrs Mary Kennedy (Charles' daughter) presses the button to start the escalator, 1949.
Noel Davis is in the foreground and Charles Lyndon Davis stands behind Mrs Kennedy.
~Charles Davis Ltd decorated for the Queen's visit in 1954, by now the red and white striped brick has been painted over.
~Charles Davis employees install a 7 metre replica of the Olympic torch, November 1956.  Made in the workshop, the flame section was illuminated from within.

      The Photo Album
    The Davis Family Photo's

PAGE ONE~~ Charles Davis, abt 1860           
~ Charles in later years
~ The Davis Family enjoying a picnic at Fern Tree, 1903
~ Charles (on the carriage) leaving the store, early 1900s
PAGE TWO~ ~ Charles' first wife Emma Hurst
~ Emma's mother; Mary Hurst nee Keep
~ Ambrose Hurst (seated) and his brother William Keep Hurst
~ William Keep Hurst and his family
~ William Keep Hurst and his sons
~ William Keep Hurst in later years
~ Emma's siblings; Ambrose, Elizabeth and William Keep Hurst
PAGE THREE~~ Charles and Emma's son Charles Davis Jnr
~ Charles Jnr with his wife Margaret Mary (nee Rait) and their daughter Gladys, 1896.
~ Charles Jnr and two of his sisters, in the 1880s
PAGE FOUR ~ Charles and third wife Kezia's son Alfred Thomas Davis
~ Alfred and family: (L to R) Phyllis, Madge, Noel, Alice (nee Pope) and Alfred Thomas Davis
~ Alfred and Alice's (nee Pope) son Noel Bertrand Davis
~ Noel's second wife Barbara Louise Ellis
PAGE FIVE ~ Charles Davis' Grave at Cornelian Bay Cemetery
PAGE SIX ~ 1893 Wedding of Ernest Thomas Crisp & Amy Keziah Davis
Blendon House ~ Charles Davis Snr's home as it looks "today"
Secheron House ~ Barbara Louise Ellis lived here with her parents before her marriage to Noel Bertrand Davis.
1 RedKnights Road, Sandy Bay ~ Noel and Barbara Davis' home; Barbara Davis remained here until her passing in 1986
"The Bertrands" - The home of Alfred Thomas Davis    
Holy Trinity Church, Hobart ~ Charles Davis' Funeral was held here ~ also a description of his funeral etc. taken from various Hobart newspapers.  
Charles Davis Limited Photo's